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5 Smooth Stones Restoration (5SSR) was founded by faith in January 2015 by the Bidelspach family.  5SSR was created with a mission to share talents and knowledge with others in the industry of applied fluvial geomorphology and river restoration.  5SSR believes that the humble sharing of talents and knowledge is a tangible way to be a reflection of God in this industry.  The 5SSR family also believes that the pursuit of excellence is a form of thanksgiving for our blessings and talents.  5SSR desires to be a sustainable and financially successful business, but our primary commitment is to achieve our mission and vision through the application of our S.H.A.R.E.D philosophy.  5SSR has a desire to live and work as a light that shares to promote excellence in river restoration and applied fluvial geomorphology.

The Vision and Mission of 5SSR

  • Love God, Love People and Share with Others
  • Be an example of sharing technical excellence with others
  • Be a leader in technical innovation with a primary financial commitment
  • Be a business that promotes family with sensible work schedules
  • Be a generous business focused on missions and charity
  • Be a business that promotes relationships, not just projects
  • Be a business based on faith, sustained by the grace of God
  • Be a business known for excellence and integrity