5SSR Canada

5 Smooth Stones Restoration Inc. (Canada) was established in 2018 by Brad Fairley.   The company builds on the 15-year old working relationship between Brad Fairley and David Bidelspach.  David started 5 Smooth Stones Restoration PLLC in the US in 2014.    With similar views and objectives, Brad decided to create a parallel company in Canada.  5 Smooth Stones Restoration (Canada) is focused on advancing the science of stream restoration in Canada.  

Brad Fairley has more than 35 years of professional experience involving both the public and private sector. With a strong background in water resources management, including water quality and watershed planning, Brad has focused on stream restoration for the last 20 years of career. During that time, he has managed more than 100 fluvial geomorphology and stream restoration projects throughout North America. All these projects have been developed to improve streams, stream corridors and the habitat they provide.  Mr. Fairley has established several habitat banks and provides advice to numerous public and private agencies regarding the development of habitat banks. Mr. Fairley has authored many reports and presented technical and management papers related to stream restoration and habitat banking at conferences across North America. In addition, he has provided expert testimony in court.